A ready argumentative essay

Exemplification of a paper

The essay and argumentative writing is one of the most charged tests of vestibular, competitions, ENEM (National Examination of the Teaching Media) and other selective processes and buy essays online for college. Therefore, knowing how to structure a writing, make its division into paragraphs and argue correctly is very important for those who are thinking about joining a college or trying a vacancy in competitions.

A ready argumentative essay essay – Exemplification of a work

People often have doubts about the elaboration of an argumentative and argumentative relationship. Thus, a ready argumentative essay writing can serve as material evidence for exemplifying structuring, organizing correct paragraphs, and writing text. In the Internet network, you can find many of these essays dealing with the most different topics, which can be used as an example, for the candidate to write his own essay.

What is writing for the selection process?

Writing is indispensable in almost all the selective processes, exams and vestibular. Writing well is a difficult task that requires reasoning, the ability to organize thoughts, and much concentration. Through the writing it is possible to see if writer knows how to organize his ideas, to express his points of view, to reason about a problem and, of course, if he has a good command of Portuguese.

How practice can help write essay

A quality writing, like many other activities, seadquire with much training. The production of texts is an activity that involves its author in a series of challenges such as the knowledge about what will produce organization of ideas, individual critical sense, use of coherence and, also, conventional reading considered an indispensable knowledge for this realization. The ability to write only comes to those who practice it and read a lot – to acquire vocabulary and perceive emanating styles of expressing thoughts.

Thus, a reading of various fictional literary works or not, helps the student to increase his knowledge and expand his view of the world. The practice of writing your own text, based on a pre-established theme, serves as an instrument to improve the ability to understand and interpret texts and good writing.

When reading a prepared argumentative essay essay, try to highlight the keywords in the trexto, do an analysis of the topic, and observe how the author did expose his ideas in the introduction, development and conclusion text.

This practice will greatly help the student in the time of the tests, since he will be accustomed to make an analysis of the theme and to divide the text into three essential parts (Introduction, development, occlusion).

How to analyze the writing theme

Generally, the proof of writing comes with a proposal of a specific theme, based on supporting texts. At this point it is very important that the student read the entire meterial carefully, making a survey of the ideas and questions that may arise from the reading.

If you have no idea what to write about, do not despair. Reread an attentive reading of the supporting texts, underlined the main ideas in these texts. Generally, they are very evident, since the supporting texts deal with them. Therefore, discuss current issues that have to do with the proposed theme. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep informed about what is happening in the world and to have a good level of general knowledge.

The next step for your text, in fact, to gain status is to invest in the objectivity and use of arguments around the theme suggested, bluntly. Therefore, it is essential to understand what the evidence is asking for, in this way, to follow pre-established preconceptions.

Recalling that an essay should have:

  • The introduction to the subject, with the problematization or defense of ideas;
  • The development, in which it will be necessary arguments capable of solving or to base the thesis presented in the introduction;
  • The conclusion of the questions raised, being a way of overcoming and closing the line of reasoning.
  • When in doubt as to which title to put, let the writing of that part last. Once you have your text ready you will have a melhornoção of the content. Based on the reading of it, it will be much easier to choose a suitable title.

The language

Here are some tips to make your essay a success:

Use simple language, as already recommended above. No one has and does not even have time to read and decipher searched texts.

Do not use slang or other colloquialisms. Words and expressions of this kind are only part of the spoken language, and yet they are regional, not necessarily known ports. Avoid even the English terms.

Avoid phrases of a word, or of effect. Words alone have no meaning in writing, so do not deserve to turn phrase. Effrases of effect, as well as clichés, reflect only the opinion of the one who created them.

Do not abbreviate. The selectors are not obliged to understand abbreviated words and thus run the risk of abbreviating of error form.

Be clear. Try to follow the direct order of the narrative, to follow the sequence of facts or opinions. So your sentences will be light and short and the arguments clear. Very long ones make the ideas lose.

Avoid metaphors, analogies and other resources that in a novel or in a poem can help a lot, but in objective texts they take up space.

Beware of redundancy. Often, without realizing it, we explain more than once the same thing, just as we do at night. Make sure your text is not repetitive.

Vary the vocabulary. Always use the same word demonstrates the poverty of vocabulary, not to mention that the text is very different.

Never deviate from the proposed theme. The total or partial escape of the subject may either clear the writing or result in a very low note. Therefore, when writing your essay, delete any sentence or paragraph that has little connection with the central idea of ​​the text.

Make a review of the text ready. Any text, any subject, for whatever purpose, can cause a great deal of confusion if it contains errors, incomplete sentences, etc.

Where to find an argumentative essay essay ready

This type of writing can be found in several Brazilian sites that have been published to publish material to support students, university students, students and the general public. Many of the available essays have already been corrected and commented upon by the teachers. In many sites the bank of essays is fairly broad, where the texts are distributed according to thematic. The themes of the essays are broad ranging from education, health, environment, current problems such as violence in large cities, lack of transportation, social issues such as inequality, poverty, drug use by young people.

When choosing the site with relevant content, which offers quality essays, pay attention to the following criteria:

Content – It refers to the quantity and quality of all the material offered by the site, such as lists of exercises, tips, curiosities etc.

Navigation – It is related to the division and layout of the content in the site, besides the speed with which the pages open. The easier and faster you find what you are looking for in a site / blog, the better your navigation.

Appearance – Consists of the organization of the page, such as colors used, number of advertising ads, logo (sehouver), header layout, body and footer.

Interactivity – Involves the part of the content that promotes more entertainment, such as games, video lessons, comanimations presentations etc.

Updates – This topic considers the frequency with which sites publish news and articles, as well as update data from their pages.

Presentation of the text

It is very important to remember to leave the text with a visual presentable for the bank. Avoid any kind of off-the-edge writing, erasure, or typed text. These faults can make writing worse.

When passing the text clean, make all the necessary corrections in the draft, plan well the distribution of sentences in paragraphs and calculate the size of the text, so this does not exceed 30 lines. So any unforeseen unforeseen can be avoided.