Learn how to write argumentative texts of quality

The writing has a special emphasis in the main examinations and the note obtained in this test is decisive for the approval of the candidates. Therefore, the writing has a very important weight in the final score. To be successful in the entrance exams and ENEM (High School Examination), it is required that the student has the ability to write argumentative and argumentative texts. This is the most requested textual type in tests and competitions and can be decisive in the selection process.

Learn how to write argumentative and argumentative texts of quality

And it is also one of the types of essay that most generates doubts in the moment its elaboration.

Many people are in doubt as to the elaboration of this kind of text, when they read the edicts and see that this is the type of text that will be charged of them in the proof of writing of some public contest, vestibular or selective process.

Thus, it is very important to learn how to write this text, about a theme proposed by the bank, respecting all its characteristics.

Below, we will analyze all the qualities and structure of the substantive and argumentative texts.

The characteristics of argumentative and argumentative texts

This is a text that seeks to discuss minutely about a certain subject, unfolding it in several of its aspects – or all, when possible. The nature of this text is theoretical, where the author can defend a point of view, propose discussions, introduce a new way of thinking and make questions so that the reader can reflect on the subject. All these theories must be well organized, having a logical structure, which has a beginning, a half eff.

It is also important that the author does not forget to cite examples, to give more force to his arguments. He must also search for answers and conclusions for the problematic of the subject, but be careful not to impose his thoughts, nor strive very hard to convince the reader with his arguments. The author needs to be aware that, above all, a substantive text serves to propagate new knowledge and open discussion, and not to impose points of view.

In order to write a good argumentative essay, it is necessary that the author knows how to make a selection and interpretation of facts, facts and information of a central theme and organize his opinions in defense of a point of view.

Structure of argumentative essay text

The essay must be divided into paragraphs, always being the introduction. In it it is necessary to introduce the subject which is going to be spoken, exposing some of its main characteristics, but without still showing the author’s point of view.

The point of view should appear only in the second paragraph, which is development. In it the author will begin to set forth his arguments to prove his point of view. Development can contain more than one paragraph.

The last paragraph of the text should always be the conclusion. In this paragraph the author must finish the discussion of the subject, concluding something according to his arguments that were raised in the paragraphs of development.

The text should be impersonal

As the essay text should contain the author’s opinion and his way of thinking about the subject, it is unnecessary to begin the sentences with terms like “I think”, “I believe”, etc. Essestiposes of terms are considered a serious mistake in dissertations; the certainty is to try to maintain impersonality.

In these cases, the 3rd person singular (he) or the 1st person plural (us) is used. But note that if you start the text in the 3rd person plural, you have to go to the end using the same verb tense. If in the middle of the text write something in the first person plural there will be a disagreement in the text, and in this way you can lose points for it.

Here are phrases with these two types of language:

Example of an objective phrase: “Social inequalities are perceived as a very serious problem”.

Example of a subjective phrase: “We can see that social inequality is a very serious problem.”

Note that the first sentence in spite of bringing an opinion of the author gives a sense of impartiality when he omits the “I” and the “we”.

The most recommended when writing an argumentative essay is to write in the third person singular or plural.

The objective argumentative and argumentative text helps in the defense of the arguments giving the impression that the opinion is not only of the author, but is more comprehensive, this confers more authority in the persuasion of the lector.

It is important to choose a language, objective or subjective, and to structure the argumentative dissertation following the same from the beginning to the end, this gives harmony to the text.

Subjective and objective texts

It is understood as subjective that text that expresses the author’s personal view on some subject. Thus, the autorrecurses, for example, to metaphors, metonymies or any other type of figurative language to expose its ideas. The team’s objectives are present in many types of texts, as expressed in a poem, thought, proverb, chronic, tale romance.

The objective texts seek to provide accurate information to the oleitor, giving them some knowledge or facts. Messages that are oriented to the referent, mainly present in journalistic texts, scientific, technical, academic, etc.

An argumentative and argumentative text requires a more objective language, based on solid arguments, in which the issuer has the commitment not to be emotionally involved with the subject. Now, when we speak of subjectivity, we soon refer to the idea of ​​a greater involvement, portraying personal impressions, revealing emotions and feelings and even using a certain connotative tone.

However, subjectivity does not mean the absence of information, or even irrelevant arguments. There is, however, a diversity of point of view on a particular subject that is not part of a homogeneity, as it is in the argumentative dissertation. Therefore, it can be said that the essay texts are yes, objective, but with slight traces of subjectivity.

Tips for making perfect text

Some tips can make all the difference in your essay. There are small details, but they indicate that the author has dedicated himself and worked well for his text. See:

Always place a title in your text. It leaves the dissertation more elegant.

Read the draft proposal carefully. All care should be taken not to err in the format of the essay. Many people go to approve concerned with the writing content and end up not paying attention in the requested format. Therefore, attention and care must be taken when reading the instructions in general.

Never use the first person singular (I) or plural (we) in dissertations. The text should be written only in person.

Do not use too long phrases. Using long phrases or one-word phrases with one endpoint is never a good idea. The text is tiring which ends up confusing the reader. So, if you realize you’ve finalized an idea, use the endpoint.

Never run away from the subject. When reading the final text of the essay, delete any sentence, or even paragraphs that do not have a connection with the proposed theme. Rewrite the text if you notice that the heading has been deviated from the text. Attitudes such as the theme’s escape is a zero note, total fugue cases or a low note in partial cases.

Do not leave your text without intervention proposal. It is very important to be aware of the obligation to propose an intervention, mainly in the ENEM newsrooms. That is, in the middle of the text, it is necessary to indicate one or more effective ways of dealing with the problem that is being addressed in the theme.

Avoid leaving too much general text. It is very common for an applicant to write many lines without being able to discuss ideas and effectively say something. Ideally, he should have a strategy and know from the outset what the function of a subject in his text is. In this way, it is possible to leave the content more coherent and persuasive.

Avoid leaving the text with few ideas. A coherent text is spelling mistakes, but one that does not call attention to itself is a text of poor quality that does not have many new ideas. So, surprise everyone who will read your essay with a rich text, through metaphors and parallels with history, cinema, literature and the arts in general.

As the wording of the essay is handwritten, make sure that your text is readable.

Do not exceed the number of lines on the writing sheet, or write a lineup of less than seven lines. Plan your text well in the sketch before cleaning, to avoid unpleasant unforeseen events. The draft is very important because the mistakes can be corrected before they are passed to the final writing sheet.